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  1. TOTW: What scene would you most like to see in a movie?

    Time for a new TOTW! If Epic became a film series, what scene would you be most amped up to see on the big screen?

  2. The necrilid (not sure I spelled that right) scene from book 1 and Yuri's redemption scene in book 3.

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    The Necrilid scene would be so great!

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    I want to see Scott get his Golden Lion. I want to see the whole action scene from where he gets dropped in to the Colonel trying to figure out how he did it.

  5. The battle of Chicago obviously would be great. The exfil from Cairo would be cool too. For more dramatic moments I really like Yuris redemption and Scott's loss of Nichole. Jayden's breakdown in the hospital is touching too. The defense of Novosibirsk would be cool as would the assault of the alien base and post events.

    It's so hard for me to pick just one because when I read I can picture the events in my mind's eye unfolding like a movie as I read it anyway so I've already pictured almost all of the story as film in the first place, haha!

  6. Wow so many ideas, but one scene from Epic 5 is when Tiffany pulling the stunt trying to get inside The Pariah. That was dope!. Thinking to myself Perhaps is this the second Nightwoman?
    (Could she be a leader of the first Nightman aerial fighters squad?.)

    Another scenes that i like to see is when Ed is helping Sveta to get knowledge from Nagogg.
    The death of Gabralthaar.
    Kraash-nagun fighting skills(I picture him like a blind Ip Man haha).

  7. There's definitely no shortage to movie-suited scenes, is there?

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